Women's Fiction

Charmingly based on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Little Things is set in New York’s fashion scene in 1965, just when things were getting “Mod.” The year was a pivotal one for many reasons:: the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, humans were preparing to go to the moon, the nuclear age was proving dangerous as well as exciting, and even Broadway was experiencing a shift in focus to subjects that examined this changing world. In the midst of it all was the shift in fashion, from stodgy to exciting, and there is where Little Things is set.

Susan White is the eldest granddaughter of the once-elegant Little Designs, a family fashion house stuck in the past. With dreams of being a fashion designer, Susan battles fashion icon Myra Queen, whom Susan accuses of stealing her designs, and she tries to convince her grandfather, Hap Little, and her three uncles and their sons to move the company into modern times. She is aided by the intriguing Joel Prince, salesman for Castle Textiles, and her handsome assistant, Hunter Hart, who has eyes for her cousin Sam. 

Along with her best friend, Broadway hopeful Amelia Ellis, Susan steps into a changing world, and along the way discovers her own flaws and naivete as she is split between feelings for both Joel and sexy theater director Terrell Davis. In addition, she is becoming newly aware of the Civil Rights Movement, and also comes face to face with her own family's lingering pains of the Holocaust, as well as awakening to a larger political world she never even considered before. 

Through it all, Susan faces her own sheltered upbringing and unintentional biases as she grows to find her own unexpected strengths, shedding old dreams for new realities and facing a future built not on fantasy, but on fact. 

 Using the base of the Snow White story, Susan White is preparing to unleash her own personal "youthquake," even as she discovers that her scope is naive and limited, and that she has a lot to learn.